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Gold's Gym Contact Information

Address: 1600 Clear Lake Avenue
Springfield, IL 62703
Phone Number: (217) 789-4653
Description: Golds Gym of Springfield offers Basketball. You can hear the squeak of gym shoes and the dribbling of balls seven days a week. It's not hard to see why two full gymnasiums and lots of sprited competition make Gold's Gym of Springfield the city's most popular place to play. Players of all athletic abilities participate in open play, leauge and a variety of scheduled programs throught the year. Clinics & Basketball Personal Training. Gold's Gym of Springfield offers many basketball clinics and camps throughout the year. There are also opportunities for individual or small group training which provides instruction on all aspects of the game and outlines a plan for specific areas of improvement. Plyometric and weight training are included with some of our basketball training programs. Volleyball - BUMP, SET and SPIKE your way to the top!! Dodgeball - The popularity of Dodgeball is spreading across the country at a fanatic pace and Gold's Gym-Springfield is taking off with it and would like you to come along for the ride. Ages 16 and up are welcome to join our leagues. Tournaments - Our Tournaments give boys and girls teams the opportunity to play against a higher caliber of competition. We attract some of the best boys and girls teams in Central Illinois and Metro St. Louis. Wrestling Coming Soon! Plyometric Training This type of training joins the two qualities of speed and strength to produce an athlete capable of running faster, jumping higher, hitting harder, swimming faster, or kicking with more strength and precision. COMPLEX TRAINING Complex Training gives the athlete MAXIMUM RESULTS in the shortest amount of time. Complex Training allows athletes to work muscles in conjunction with the nervous system in such a way that slow-twitch muscle fibers behave like fast-twitch muscle fibers.
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